Cosain Group LLC

Ted Mahar- Owner / Lead Instructor
My interest in medicine started at a young age. I followed that pursuit into college by studying biochemistry. Two years into my studies, I took an elective class in Criminology and found another passion which culminated in my graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of Southern Maine. Since 1997 I have served as a reserve police officer. In 2002 my interest in medicine resurfaced, and I obtained my license as an EMT. I then became a member of a municipal tactical team as a tactical medic. My role transitioned to a regional SWAT team with the consolidation of multiple teams. As a tactical medic, some of my training and experiences include NTOA SWAT School, Basic and Advanced Tactical Medic School, Specialized Trauma and Rescue Tactics program, Officer Down Rescue, as well as certification in PHTLS and Healthcare Provider CPR. I train both patrol officers and SWAT operators in Tactical Rescue and Casualty Care as well as Fire and EMS personnel in Violent Incidents Prehospital Emergency Response. I have worked on active shooter planning assisting both public and private schools. As a civilian, I am an avid shooter and a certified NRA instructor. Training as an instructor and a student are of equal importance for me. I encourage open dialogue between students and instructors to create an involvement with and ownership of material. My classes mix lecture, visual aids, and hands on stations to capture and engage all learning styles. If you someday face a traumatic medical incident, Cosain Group’s instructors want to give you the training, so you can confidently own that moment.


                                                                        To Protect Life